Service Level Agreement



Service Level Agreement for SME

SUPPORT HOURS from 9am to 5.30pm mon-fri excluding Bank Holidays.
In Business Critical Moments we shall extend these hours and will charge the standard rate per engineer assigned.

On initial contact from Customer on any issues, we will contact the customer within:

4 working hours – Firewall/Router/Internet-ISP/adsl-cable Modem/Switch/Hub/Server: Hardware & Firmware + Configuration issues

8 working hours – PC/Workstation: Hardware & Operating System issues

HARDWARE: What is covered under the Service Level Agreement ??

We cover any hardware faults, any network/configuration issues & any windows user issues.  We cover IT issues that prevent the company network from functioning doing it’s day to day business.

The Service Level Agreement will only be enforced if i.e. All hardware that is essential to running the network: Firewall(s), Router(s), Wireless Router(s), Switch(s), hub(s), adsl/cable modem(s), Server(s), are covered by an existing hardware warranty. If any hardware is not covered by an existing warranty then 3Net Office Solutions Ltd SLA will become void & therefore any work required will be charged at the standard per hour + any parts.  Any PC(s), that are not covered by a hardware warranty will incure charges for parts & labour at the standard rate per hour.

Why do we need warranty ???

Warranty on hardware is required for 3Net to resolve issues quickly & efficiently, therefore downtime is at a bare minimum, this in itself saves the business money when employees are helpless to perform their day to day duties resulting in loss of Revenue & Sales.  Overall a quick resolution is Good Business especially in times of Disaster Recovery.

WAN Connection – any wide area network that is not under a SLA by their provider, will make 3Net Office Solutions Ltd SLA void.


We configure & support Network Operating Systems (Microsoft Windows Servers), Email Systems (Microsoft Exchange), Operating Systems (Microsoft Windows pc’s) & Microsoft Applications (Ms Office) installation issues.  Security related issue’s (Phising, Malware, Virus, Anti-Spam etc).

Complete network support including:

Firewall configuration & Security – Complete Network Security to minimise security breaches (external hacking, Disgruntled Employees, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Computing, Incidents Related To Employees’ Personal Devices (BYOD), Inadvertent Employee Mistakes), We also use Application Level Firwall Security (minimise application access to the internet), Content Filtering.  We recommend our security solutions for maximum protection.

Some Features: Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Intrusion Prevention, and Application Intelligence and Control Service delivers intelligent, real-time network security protection against sophisticated application layer and content-based attacks, including viruses, spyware, worms, and more.

Email Anti-Spam configuration & Security

Anti-Virus configuration: detection/automatic removal
Anti-Spyware configuration: detection/automatic removal
Anti-Malware configuration: detection/automatic removal
Root Kit detection/removal: dependant on level of security in place
Email configuration virus/spyware: detection/automatic removal
Microsoft Windows updates/fixes

We support installation issues for off the shelf products (generic build) i.e. MS Office, Sage, any Microsoft products.


We will charge for any additional work required to the network at the standard rate per hour.

The following will be charged:

Add new pc/workstation to the network & its configuration to the network, installing applications to the pc/workstation.
Re-installing the PC/Workstation windows Operating System.
Any non microsoft application installation & configuration – bespoke application or software.
Remove manually a Virus/Spyware/Malware from Windows Operating System.
Manuall Rootkit Removal.

DATA BACKUP is the Sole responsibility of the Customer, we can check on occasions if the Backup is working but not responsible for any DATA LOSS or CORRUPTION. We shall advise the Customer on best practices to minimise Data Loss or Corruption. We recommend that backup are tested regulary to determine data integrity, for further information & pricing please contact us.  We offer a remote backup facility for automatic backup and recovery, user intervention is not required. We recommend our backup solutions for Peace of Mind.

Please Note: If the network is not up-to a general working standard, Once a support contract has been agreed & the network requires additional configuration/installation for i.e performance and security issues, these will be charged at the standard rate per hour.  We will advise the customer on any licensing that is required for hardware/software/security and will be charged accordingly.

Subject to change without notice, please visit this page for latest updates to the service level agreement.