At Hope and Play, we believe that every child has the right to play, learn and grow in a safe, healthy and fun environment. We support children who are denied this, and whose lives as a consequence are harsh and unkind. We do this by supporting their education with textbooks, laptops, and other educational materials and resources, and by supporting their creative play by building playgrounds for them to have places to play safely. We will also help directly where there is an immediate humanitarian need. Through this, we aim to create opportunities for children and give them hope in a brighter future that they can have some control over.

Our first areas of focus are schools and communities to in the occupied territories of Gaza and the West Bank, and communities in Bangladesh. We have minimal admin overhead, as the organisation’s activities are carried out on a voluntary basis by people who want to help. All admin costs are covered entirely by our founders. So you can be assured that every single penny of your donations will go to support this project. Please help support our direct projects by donating and sponsoring to our campaigns.