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According to current statistics, only 5% of empty toner cartridges are recycled. Over the last ten years, over 250 million used cartridges were dumped in landfill sites, and each takes on average over 1000 years to decompose. As well as taking up room in our already-limited landfill sites, it can take up to 1.5 litres of oil to produce a new laser cartridge from scratch.

To recycle is the environmentally friendly way to dispose of your laser cartridges. Most businesses use a large number of ink & toner cartridges in the course of their work, and both the initial purchasing outlay and the subsequent waste disposal costs of this can quickly escalate. Recycling your company’s used cartridges can save you money on waste disposal, Let us collect your empty cartridges, we will collect & dispose of them free of charge for you,  To arrange a cartridge collection, 3Net Office Solutions Ltd will pick-up & process the empty cartridges to ISO 14001:2004 & Under the Duty of Care within the Environmental Protection Act 1990.  Qty for Pickup, minimum is 25 Toner Cartridges + any inkjets.

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