IT Support



Why choose us for your complete IT Support ?

We specialise in providing quality IT support to small businesses, removing all the usual worries and problems with your computers, servers & network – and anything that communicates with, runs on, or connects to them.

We recognise that you want your technology to “just work”, enabling you and your staff to perform your business tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. To achieve this we keep things simple, no blinding you with science, just common sense advice, guidance and delivery.

  • The support of an in-house IT department without the costs
  • by choosing 3Net you have the ability to budget for network support just like business rent or insurance

We’ll treat your IT needs as if they were our own. So you’ll benefit from our dedication, not only to your day to day support issues but  also to your ongoing IT development and planning.

        We take care of everything …    leaving you to run your business …

The Service Level Agreement is a cover-all service designed  to give complete peace of mind, and can be considered as a lower cost  alternative to employing your own in-house IT personnel dependant on the size of the network. For a fixed annual fee based on the size of your system, this agreement gives unlimited telephone,  remote and on-site support to resolve all system problems. This agreement will  even cover the complete re-installation of your network in the unlikely event  if necessary.

Please contact us for a free consultation.