How to provide your Artwork

How to Provide ‘Press Ready’ Artwork !

Before you send your artwork, please take 2 minutes to work your way through our checklist, as this will avoid any unnecessary delays or additional costs. We use a .PDF workflow system, this system automatically prints the press ready PDF artwork file.  We do not check your file(s) prior to print.  We do not proof the artwork file provided by you or send proofs to you.  This is an automated sevice provided to the customer for Press ready artwork completed by yourselves.

File(s) supplied as ‘Press Ready’ PDF (see footnote)
If you do not have .PDF creating software, you can download a PC version HERE
File is supplied 1-up centered on a page (click here for example)
All colours are CMYK (no pantones or RGB)
Any tint used must have at least 8% to be visible on the print.
All fonts are converted to curves/ outlines (Embedding is not enough)
Images are at least 300dpi resolution
Layers, gradients & transparancies are flattened before creating the PDF
Crop marks added to all edges and centered within page
3mm bleed is added to all edges
Safe area is 3mm from the trim edge (NOT 3mm from the bleed edge)
Footnote : All our prices are based on ‘PRESS READY’ PDF’s being supplied, although we can convert most major file types at £25 per page. If you are not supplying a PDF file, please make sure to include ALL fonts used or convert all type to curves/outlines. Any conversions needed by ourselves may also increase your turnaround time.

Important Information
Please make sure you have completed all the points in the checklist above. If your artwork does not meet all the points raised above, you may find errors in your final print that 3Net Office Solutions Ltd cannot be held responsible for (such as font substitution or layer/ transparency issues)