Data Destruction

Secure Media & Data Destruction

Protect your business, your customers, staff and suppliers, and avoid being fined up to £500,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), by having all your redundant hard drives shredded, or securely wiped.

When you are replacing old Servers/PC’s/Laptops etc there is data on the hard drive that can easily be accessed, in the wrong hands, there have been cases of Identity Fraud (open bank account in your name + energy bills, Debit & Credit Card Fraud, Online Banking Issues & Fake Email (spam) originating from your email account/address.

Data Security is very important in this day and age this is why at 3Net Office Solutions Ltd use the very best methods available to totally eradicate ALL data contained on any equipment received by us.

We process Data Destruction for Local Government, Business & Home Computer systems.

We will Charge £35 + vat per hard drive, wiping securely all data.